Prepare for Class



We want you to experience the best possible yoga for YOU! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, we have a class for you. Our introductory week at $20 is a great way to try all of our teachers. Our classes are open to all, we want you to practice mindfully, such as listening to your body and using modifications if necessary.

We want your journey to be the best possible in every way, a few helpful hints are below:

  • If possible, try to arrive early.

  • Shoes are left at the benches outside the studio. No shoes are allowed on the studio floor.

  • Wear appropriate clothing, such as yoga pants or typical gym clothes, do not wear jeans.

  • Entering the studio, please be as quiet as possible, students find their stillness at this time.

  • The cubbies are made for anything other than your yoga mat, water and towels, so bring your purses or bags in and set in cubbies.

  • Let the teacher know ahead of time if you have any injuries or are pregnant.

  • It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach, so try to refrain from eating 2-3 hours before.

  • Please try to stay for the entire class. Resting your body in Shavasana is a big part of the yoga experience. 


The more yoga you do, the better you will feel and benefit, mind, body and spirit. Try all of the styles and teachers, introduce yourself to the teacher and enjoy the practice! Let us know how your journey is going, we love to hear it! Our hope is you will benefit from yoga as we have, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Do not be discouraged if some students are more advanced-a yoga practice is a very personal and individual endeavor. Make it your own and work with your own pace of breath and ability. You'll see the changes in your body in time. The more classes you attend, the more you will advance! Practice patience and reap the results you want. Yoga is a life changing and life-long practice. We hope you choose to walk your path with us. See you on the mat.